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5 STAR REVIEWS: DC Comics Catwoman #27

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When it comes to cops and criminals, the Catwoman DC series hasn’t touched on that side very often. Selina Kyle has been seen going up against other criminals or baddies from Batman’s rogue gallery, but for the most part, the cops are rarely involved. This new run, written by Ram V is a bit of fresh air for the cat-themed burglar.

Now, with her relationship with Batman broken, Selina heads back to her roots. I’m still not sure why the writers and editors slammed down the brake pedal for Selena and Bruce’s marital vows. Perhaps they felt it would alter the dynamic of the Batvese too much. Then again, there was Alfred’s meaningless death, but they had no problem with that one.

However, now they are going to release a 12-issue Batman & Catwoman series to grab a few extra bucks on the side now that the disappointing Joker War is over. I saw a bunch of Punchline one-shots still on the shelf, so I don’t think that character took off the way DC had hoped. Maybe because she’s a crap character and everyone knows it.

With the wedding plans behind her, Selina returns to the slum area of town where she grew up, to find it riddled with crime and drugs. (Like that’s a shock of any kind.) She decides she is going to liberate the streets by taking over. After drafting many of the younger street rats to her cause (although this seemed a bit too easy), she brings on an ally using the “enemy of your enemy is your friend” scenario.

She decides to steal a huge shipment of drugs from the local kingpin while making a deal with one of his rivals. The shipment is being overseen by a dirty cop, who is on the line if anything goes wrong. Meanwhile, a detective is onto Catwoman’s plans and attempts to head off the van – only to get there a bit too late.

Enter an assassin who is not only hunting Catwoman but is savoring the experience. At this point, we have no idea who sent him, but when Selena’s new “ally” decides she is better dead than around to cause more trouble, she sends someone to kill her. The assassin takes out the shooter to keep Selena’s murder for himself.

I found this issue very intriguing with a few twists, which are always great to see in comics. It shows that the writer has really mapped out the story. I’m excited to see where Ram V takes it from here. It’s good to see Catwoman going in a new direction. Check it out.

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