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Marvel Comics

Kelly Thompson has redeemed herself with this Captain Marvel story. After that atrocious filler story from the last issue, it’s amazing that she bounced back. That script must have been sitting in her drawer since high school and she just dusted it off, licked off the chocolate stains, and handed it in.

This issue loosely locks into the Empyre storyline. Like most major crossovers, the sideline stories barely touch the main story arc, and this is no exception. This is fine with me, considering that have absolutely no interest in Empyre.

I like that she took a risk here and added to the character’s backstory. I’m not sure where she’s going with it, but I’ll tag along. Since I’m not collecting Empyre, I have no idea how Carol took on the mantle of the Accuser, a position that was once held by Ronan. You might remember him from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It was mentioned that she was given the mantle by Hulkling, who is now emperor since she’s half Kree (don’t ask too many questions about that one).

The story begins with a Kree/Skrull ship being torn apart by the plant people’s ship. The Kree/Skrull want to surrender (which I’m not sure is in their DNA) and the enemy isn’t even responding. When suddenly, something comes speeding toward them. They’re not sure what it, but they call it “she.” I think that was that was “whoops” on Kelly’s part. With one swipe of the Accuser’s hammer, she destroys the entire ship. Again, not sure how a hammer that is not godly like Thor’s, wouldn’t break under that abuse, but let’s roll with it anyway.


After saving the Kree/Skrull ship, she reports back to Hulkling, who gives her a mission to “accuse” someone. There’s a single Kree soldier that has gone rogue and is holding off an entire squadron. Carol basically needs to carry out a death sentence. I’m was surprised that she was good with that, but she claims that it’s war and things happen during war. Then again, she did just wipe out an entire ship filled with people In the previous pages. She also doubts that she’s the right person to wield the hammer, but Sue Storm RIchards imbues some words of encouragement.

When Captain Marvel lands on the planet, she basically walks through the front line, blocking bolts with her hammer, until she reaches the culprit. Carol gives her the “you’re accused” speech, but the soldier drops her weapons and kneels before Carol, which gives her pause. The soldier removes her helmet and tells her that she is Carol’s Kree half-sister.

Knowing that she is committing treason, she spares the soldier’s life and helps her escape the planet. Of course, Hulkling is none to pleased by this news.

I really like this twist. I don’t like that Carol kills indiscriminately, but I guess even in the movie, she was wiping out Kree without thinking twice. The existence of a Kree half-sister will definitely add a new dimension to this character and I’m looking forward to the resolution of this story. Check it out.

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