An Epic Discussion with Fangirl Frames (Part 2)

Nat here with the last part of the exciting Fangirl Frames interview. You ready? Let’s go! 

Nat: Ladies, I bet the walls in your homes are covered with frames; aren’t they? Do you give frames as birthday and Christmas presents? If you do, can we be new best friends?  Did I mention how much I love your frames?

Fangirl Frames: We are constantly needing to add to our wall of fame. They are mainly given as gifts if a friend or relative attends a con with us. We love to commemorate someone coming with us by getting a photo op together.

Nat: So obviously, I plan on attending a con with you gals in the future. As long as ya’ll paying for the op and giving me the frame for free, we straight. You know my bank account is set up kind of empty. You’re not sure about that? Okay, we’ll talk about it later.

Fangirl Frames
Fangirl Frames

I’m curious. Have you given any of your frames to the celebrities who inspired them? If so, who? And how did they respond?

Fangirl Frames: We have, and we love to hear from our customers if they show a celebrity their frame. Some people get their frames autographed. Also, some of the best moments of our career have been when a celebrity stops by the booth and buys a frame from their show. Recently Tom Welling came by and chatted, then bought a Smallville frame. Huge fangirl moment for me.

Nat: Fangirl Frames attended a lot of conventions. As a result, I know your business has been affected like those businesses of the many other vendors who sell at comic conventions. You’re definitely missing the money, but is there anything else you find yourself missing about comic conventions? 

Fangirl Frames:  Oh, how we miss the con scene. It is so much fun. We usually sell at 2 a month. We have gotten to know a lot of the other vendors and artists and miss chatting with them. I even miss driving 12-hour days. We are definitely ready to go back to that life, but in the mean time we have plenty of time for Etsy orders and even designing custom frames. So, if someone wants to work on their wall of fame. We’re here to help.

Nat: Thank you, Jody and Katie. I really enjoyed learning about your business and love of comic conventions. I love the idea of a wall of fame. I have one, and I think everyone should have a wall of frame. To help one of our lucky readers with his or her walls, I’m giving away a frame of choice from the Fangirl Frames store.

The entry process is simple. In the comments, tell us which Smallville star was mentioned in this interview, and you will be entered in the giveaway. Contest ends on September 26, 2020.

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