An Epic Discussion with Fangirl Frames

Hi, I’m Nat, and I’m back. This time I’m here with the incredibly gifted ladies of Fangirl Frames. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview.

Nat: I absolutely love your frames! Who are the geniuses who came up with these wonderful items?  What inspired you to create your business?

Fangirl Frames: My sister and I started this business together in 2016. In 2010, we started attending pop culture conventions. Our favorite thing to do at cons was get our photo taken with a celebrity. My sister was a scrapbooker and refused to put our photo in just a plain black frame. We looked at cons for geeky frames to buy, but never found anything so we created our own.

Nat: That is so cool. If you can’t find what you want, make it. Those are words to live by, and I’m absolutely sure nobody said that before I did. Absolutely positively supremely sure.

Now, Ladies, tell me how long does it take to make one of your frames?  

Fangirl Frames: It takes about an hour on the computer to design it. Then to put it together it takes another hour. 

Nat: With such fine craftsmanship, I thought it would take you longer. You ladies are so talented. And I adore the diversity in your frames. There are so many awesome frames on display in your Etsy Store. When I was visiting your website earlier, I saw several Marvel character frames.  Which characters are your favorites? 

Fangirl Frames: Jody’s is Captain America. Katie’s is Thor. We have met both those actors and gotten photo ops. 

Fangirl Frames

Nat: Well you both have excellent taste in Marvel characters, especially Jody. Captain America is the best, and Chris Evans is awesome. Thor/Hemsworth isn’t too shabby either. On behalf of the millions of lovestruck women and men on the planet, I need to take a moment to speak to Jody privately (not in eyesight of the two readers skimming over this interview) about something very important.

Jody, back off Evans!  He’s taken by me and all the other Chris Evans’ fans in the world. Don’t make me go into spite mode and buy an overpriced boring picture frame from Walmart instead of one of your gorgeous frames. I’m crazy like that.

My dear reader, I must cut the interview short now. I don’t want to keep you staring at your phone all day (who does that anyway?). Hold the tears because there is more of this interview coming. Keep checking the Comic Con Addict website  and FB page for Part II; you don’t want to miss it. Spoiler Alert –  there could be a giveaway involved. 

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Nat Niemi is an award-winning writer and a dreamer with introvert opinions (the kind that sound loud in her own mind).  She has written unnoticed books, unnoticed screenplays, and a million grocery lists greatly appreciated by grocery stores throughout the Atlanta area.  Nat is also one of the producers and writers of the upcoming comedy web series, “Bad Practice.”

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