Dim n Wit – The Hug Kings (Part 1)

Dim n Wit, thank you for joining us today on Comic Con Addicts.

Dim N Wit
Dim N Wit

Nat: Hi, I’m back with another interview, and this time I had the opportunity to visit with Dim of Dim N Wit.  Dim N Wit are two of my convention favorites; I think of them as the Kings of Hugs. Wit was on vacation, so Dim was kind enough to answer the questions. In all honestly, I must admit I didn’t literally visit Dim and for two reasons – 1) Covid-19 and 2) the fact he wouldn’t tell me where he lives. Anyway, an interview is an interview so here goes. 

First of all, who is Dim and who is Wit? 

Dim (NWit): Dim is Dave Cline, father of 4, single but dates people, and works for the IT department of a hospital system. Hobbies include D&D, Collecting Dice, and enjoying life. People can follow me on Instagram (DimNWit).  Wit is David Bang, a married dad of two cats. He works for the IT department of an oil and gas company. His hobbies include D&D, Wood Working, and reading. People can follow him on Instagram (WitFabulous).

Nat: Great descriptions. It’s good to know more about you than just what we see at conventions and shows. Don’t forget people, Dim did mention that he is single and ready to mingle (sort of).  

Moving on…how did Dim N Wit come to be?  I mean you were not born Dim N Wit.  What led you two warm and friendly guys to change your names and go on a lifelong mission of spreading love and positivity?

Dim (NWit): Well Wit started DimNWit by dressing as the “scary fairy” for Halloween for several years. He attempted to talk me into joining him for many years. In 2010 he finally talked me into going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for All Hallow’s weekend. That was the beginning of it all, and it has been close to 10 years.

Nat: Almost ten years – wow! That is quite a long time to keep dressing up and spreading joy out of the kindness of your hearts. I mean I love it and totally respect you guys, but I couldn’t do it. Seriously, don’t you ever get tired of hugging people? Have you ever met anyone you wanted to slap instead of hug (not including me)?

Dim (NWit): No, I don’t think we have ever gotten tired of it. We have had several people that didn’t want to hug us, and we respect that.

Nat: People who don’t want a hug? I’m just going to say this and be done – those people sucked. They didn’t deserve your hugs. But now, speaking of hugs, things have changed. Right now, conventions are being cancelled all over the place and who knows when and if things will ever get back to normal. My question for you, Dim, when conventions do start happening in-person again, do you think you will still hug physically, or will there only be air hugs?

To read Dim’s answer, you MUST come back to this webpage for the final part of this great interview. Meanwhile, keep up with what Dim N Wit are doing by visiting their website or their Instagram pages. Thanks, Dim, for a great virtual visit. 

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