Dim n Wit – The Hug Kings (Part 2)

Dim n Wit, thank you for joining us again on Comic Con Addicts.

Dim N Wit

Nat: Dim, when conventions do start happening in-person again, do you think you will still hug physically, or will there be only virtual air hugs?

Dim (NWit): Going to be honest, this is something I am struggling with at the current time. I do not know what the future is because I have always hugged in the past. The few times I have left my Free HuGs sign behind; I have felt “off” all day. I don’t know if I can be Dim and not give hugs. Would that even be safe for me and the ones I am hugging? I really wish I had a better answer but right now. I honestly just don’t know.

Nat: I can understand that. I seriously can’t imagine Dim N Wit without all the wonderful hugs. We’re definitely going to have to come up with something because you guys are amazing huggers, and your hugs really make people feel good.

Nat: During your convention travels, you’ve met a lot of people, including a lot of celebrities. Do you ever get nervous or anxious when meeting famous people? If so, how do you deal with those feelings? 

Dim (NWit): We both have, and honestly it really comes down to the actual situation. I met Lexa Doig, at a Stargate Convention in Canada… and I was a complete Bumbly fool… I got through it, but it was just not a good “Dim” Moment. We saw Adrian Paul at DragonCon, but Wit refused to go see him cause of nerves. We later met him in Houston and had very great encounters with him.

Nat: I’ve turned into a bumbly fool a couple of times myself, so I completely understand. What’s interesting are the times when I thought I would be freaking out, yet I didn’t. You really never know what will happen when you meet someone, but you do know how much you will regret it if you don’t make the effort.  Tip for the day: Be brave.

Nat: Who has been your favorite celebrity to meet? Which celebrity took the best picture with you? Yes, you can answer. Celebs are big kids; they can take the rejection  

Dim (NWit): There have been so many. One thing we have found is normally we go to a convention and want to see a specific celebrity. Then we have some amazing interaction with someone completely different , and that makes the convention.  Long time favorites we have met multiple times include John Hertzler, Jewel Staite, George and Brad Takei, and John Barrowman. Best picture, I don’ know if we can pick just one. We love every picture we take Celebrity, Non-celebrity and Everyone in between.

Nat: Great answer, and I completely agree. The pictures we choose to take usually end up being some of our best memories.

Nat: Dim, thank you so much for the interview. It was a real pleasure getting to know more about Dim N Wit, the Fairy brothers. Speaking of Wit, give him our regards. Hopefully, we can grab a photo with both of you at a convention in 2021 (fingers crossed). 

Readers, to learn even more about Dim N Wit visit their website or FB page.

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